Hlatikhulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary

About Hlatikhulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary

The Crane and wetland sanctuary contains all 3 SA cranes which are threatened with extinction due to a range of negative interactions with humans. The Hlatikulu Crane & Wetland Sanctuary works at managing these populations by captive breeding, rescue, rehabilitation and education.

Hlatikhulu Crane & Wetland Sanctuary is located between Highmoor/ Kamberg and Giants Castle in the Drakensberg

The Hlatikulu Crane & Wetland Sanctuary is a rescue, rehabilitation & breeding centre for southern Africa Crane species.

The Crane and Wetland Sanctuary hosts all three species in captive and wild situattion and is listed as an international Import Birding Area and National Ste of Conservation significance.

Interpretive walks are offered by Sanctuary Staff.

So, to view Wattled, Blue and Crowned Cranes, please contact 033 263 2441 or 082 804 9270 to make an appointment.

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Hlatikhulu Crane and wetland sanctuary
Hlatikhulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary

Ask a local about Hlatikhulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary

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So What makes Hlatikhulu Crane and Wetland Sanctuary Special?

The Crane Centre holds all 3 species of southern African crane in captivity and guided tours are available. The surrounding mountains offer excellent mountain biking and the adjacent Entabeni Education Centre offers environmental, adventure and leadership training for youth.


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