Zulu Cave

About the Trail

Zulu Cave is situated on a cul-de-sac and fell out of use for a number of years, but being only one of a few caves that can be used for overnight trips it’s worth a visit. The route follows the main path from the Monks Cowl forest station up to the Sphinx and then on to Breakfast Stream. From here you follow the path that slowly takes you closer to the mighty peaks towering over the area and joining the contour path at Blindman’s Corner. Turning left will take you to Injasuthi, but we want to turn right and follow the path all the way to Hlathikulu Neck. Some of the peaks that will tower over you will be Cathkin Peak, Sterkhorn, The Tower and the Amphlett. At the Neck follow the path that leads to Keith Bush Camp, and before you turn off to the left, you will find a feint path that leads off to your right while the main path goes down. The path leads down the spur and you might lose it in places but  follow it down the spur keeping a lookout for the proper path. Your aim is to follow the spur to where the two streams meet and after crossing the eMhlawazini River, stick to the left hand side of the stream and follow the path that will first cross a bigger stream and later a smaller stream before crossing a bulbous spur. Once around the spur, it turns up into the valley and you don’t actually see the cave until you actually walk into it. The trees in front of it, not only hides it but gives it protection from the wind and rain. The cave can sleep 12 people with comfort and the waterfall is a source of water as well as a good swimming spot in summer. Unfortunately you don’t have a view of the peaks from the cave, but depending on the time of the day you can explore the valley below the cave as far as you dare to.

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Zulu Cave


Distance: 24km

Elevation: 1328m

Ask the Expert who knows this trail

Author: Berg Adventures

Bio: Deon is a hiking guide that specialises in the Drakensberg Mountains

Email: drakhike@gmail.com


What makes Zulu Cave such a special hike?

In the early days of Berg exploration, this was a well know and used cave. The cave is well sheltered and has a waterfall over its lip making an excellent “shower” on a hot summers day.


The trail experience


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