Bannerman Hut and Bannerman Pass Circular Route

About the Trail

 Day 1: A 10 km hike, mostly uphill to the best overnight hut in the Drakensberg. The hike starts at the day picnic spot at Giants Castle. A short downhill and then a mostly gentle climb for about 4km’s. The last 5km’s are along the contours to the Hut, enjoy the views on the way. The sunrise that awaits you from the hut in the morning is spectacular. Most people will be fine.

Day 2: Sleep in relative luxury and in the morning hike up Bannerman Pass. You have plenty time to get to the top and back before sunset for your second night at Bannerman Hut, take it slow and enjoy every second.

Day3:  return via Langalibalele Ridge, mostly downhill, the views all the way down will have you in awe.

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Bannerman Hut and Bannerman Pass Circular Route


Distance: 31.1km

Elevation: 2010m

Ask the Expert who knows this trail

Author: Antbear Reservations

Bio: Andrew has been living in the Drakensberg area for nearly 20 years. He has walked nearly every trail himself and recommends daily what his guests that stay his lodge do each day. He certainly is a great person to talk to



What makes Bannerman Hut and Bannerman Pass Circular Route such a special hike?

If you only ever do one overnight hiking trip in the Drakensberg then this needs to be at the top of your bucket list.


The trail experience


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