GPS maping of Drakensberg Caves

GPS mapping of Drakensberg Caves

Ifidi Cave

Main Ifidi cave: S28º47.450′ E28º56.425′ at 3 047 metres

Second Ifidi cave: S28º47.420′ E28º56.431’at 3 040 metres

Icidi Cave

S28º48.473′ E28º55.947′ at 3 097 metres

Veranda Cave

S28º47.443′ E28º56.24′ at 3 098 metres

Rat Hole Cave

S28º51.401′ E28º56.634′ at 3 015 metres

Skylight Cave

S28º51.278′ E28º 56.713′ at 3 018 metres

Easter Cave

S28º56.793′ E28º 06.037′ at 2 938 metres

Twins Cave

S28°57.026 E29°06.789 at 2 844 metres

Twins Cave  Annex

S28°56.992 E29°06.687 at 2 844 metres

Bell Cave

Bell Cave: S28°55.695 E29°07.880 at ~2 708 metres

Bell Cave Annex: S28°55.701 E29°07.883 at ~2 696 metres

Roland’s Cave

S29°00.929 E29°11.318 at 2 967 metres

Ndumeni Dome (Upper Ndumeni) Caves

Western cave: S29°00.962′ E29°11.220′ at 3 182 metres

Eastern cave: S29°00.918′ E29°11.320′ at 3 182 metres

Ribbon Falls Cave

S28º58.204′ E29º12.017′ E 1 797 metres

Poachers Cave

S28°59.854 E29°16.959 at 1 657 metres

Hospitalspruit Cave

Valley of Pools approach: S28°58.827′ E29°20.802′ at 2 016 metres

Stable Cave approach: S°28.58.809′ E°29.20.801′ at 2 016 metres

Zulu Cave

S29°01.546 E29°21.001 at 1 818 metres

Fergy’s Cave

S29°09.858 E29°25.297 at 1 724 metres

Dead Dog Cave

S29°09.906′ E29°25.618′

McKenzie’s Cave

McKenzie’s Cave 1: S29°30.124 E29°39.418 at 2 145 metres

McKenzie’s Cave 2: S29°30.173 E29°39.571 at 2 142 metres

Cyprus Cave

29°28.038’S 29°41.118’E at 1 611 metres

Gxalingenwa Cave

S29°38.161 E29°21.746 at 2 066 metres

Spectacle Cave

Main cave: S29°38.716 E29°19.518 at 2 054 metres

Annex: S29 38.651 E29 19.532 2030 metres

Pholela Cave

S29°38.605 E29°19.333 at 2 063 metres

Gorge Cave

S29°38.554 E29°19.575 at 2 041 metres

Siphongweni Cave

S29°41.228 E29°21.845 at 2 004 metres

Weaver Cave

S29°40.521 E29°18.059 at 1 880 metres

Glade Cave

S29°40.285 E29°17.291 at 1 947 metres

Venice Cave

S29°39.922 E29°16.771 at 2 084 metres

Chameleon Cave

S29°39.825 E29°16.611 at 2 112 metres

Sandleni Cave

Main cave: S29°39.237 E29°12.976 at 2 803 metres

Tunnel: S29°39.241 E29°12.982 at 2 803 metres

Corn Cob Cave

Corn Cob Cave: S29°6.567′ E29°08.029′ at 3 043 metres

2-man Cave #1: S29°46.597′ E29°07.950′ at 3 041 metres

2-man Cave #2: S29°46.628′ E29°07.986′ at 2 988 metres

Gully with cave: S29°46.868′ E29°08.232′ at 2 908 metres

Wilson’s Cave

S29°39.697 E29°15.279 at 2 063 metres

Fun Cave

S29°41.519 E29°11.660 at 2 153 metres

Verkyker Cave

S29°41.547 E29°11.671 at 2 151 metres

John’s Cave

29°41.963’S 29°17.075’E at 1 768 metres

Sleeping Beauty Cave

S29°44.955 E29°10.587 at 2 237 metres

Engagement Cave

S29°44.827 E29°10.578 at 2 269 metres

Sherry Cave (Old)

S29°46.524′ E29°10.883′ at 2 010 metres

Wave Cave

S29°46.729′ E29°09.694′ at 2 186 metres

Curtain Cave

S29°46.746′ E29°09.695′ at 2 186 metres (Landlubbers

Whyte’s Cave

Approximately S29°47.643′ E29°11.351′ at 2 303 metres

Vast Cave

S29°50.627 E29°09.954 at 2 026 metres

Tarn Cave

S29°51.500 E29°08.255 at 2 414 metres

Gargoyle Cave

S29°51.391 E29°07.834 at 2 414 metres


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