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Rorke’s Drift, famous, infamous but delightful is an experience not to be missed. Located on the battlefields of kwaZulu-Natal, South Africa this little hamlet has seen some of the most significant moments in South Africa’s history. The Battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879 was a part of the Anglo-Zulu war that saw the first defeat of the British Forces by an imposing Zulu Impi in the morning at Isandlwana and a complete turnaround in the evening of the same day at Rorke’s Drift. Also during this time the French Prince Imperial died in a skirmish and ended the Bonaparte dynasty. Today it is marked by a single cenotaph in a lonely field. At Fugitive’s Drift is another lone cenotaph raised to the honour of two men whose sole purpose was to preserve the Queen’s Colours and whose bravery was acknowledged by the award of a Victoria Cross. A stone’s throw away and a few years later the Anglo Boer War raged with many Boer battles being won and lost. Rorke’s Drift Lodge, tucked up against the Sinqindi Mountain in kwaZulu-Natal, has before it a breathtaking expanse of Zululand that visitor’s to South Africa will not easily experience anywhere else. The unique accommodation units reside in an expansive 5 hectare garden with rolling lawns on a 1000 acre property.

In an effort to fully explore our Mantra of EAT WELL, SLEEP WELL, we subscribe to and drive the concept of the word GUEST. The Oxford Dictionary offers us the explanation of Guest as being someone invited to visit. In keeping with this invitation, we have developed our facilities at the Lodge so that our visitors will truly feel that they were invited. With this in mind, guests at Rorke’s Drift Lodge will find their self contained unit designed with seclusion and privacy in mind. Each unit has its own lounge-cum-diningroom-cum-kitchenette tastefully furnished along with a very comfortable bedroom and en-suite bathroom. Alongside the unit is a “braai” area where guests are able to enjoy the unending vistas while having their sundowners around an outdoor firepit or preparing their own feast. Each unit has a Personal Lodge Assistant who is on call for the duration of the guest’s stay and she will service and restock the unit twice a day.

In the kitchens of the Lodge we brew up tasty treats on a daily basis. Cuisine with a South African flavour is our speciality. Our delicious breakfasts accompanied by homemade breads and we also pack delicious picnic lunches for guests on tour. Guests have the choice of catering for themselves or ordering meals from the kitchens. All meals are served to the guest in their own unit.

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