Solo Travel in the Drakensberg

Solo travel in the Drakensberg

Getting around as a solo traveler in the Drakensberg

If you are able to afford an own vehicle then that is by far the best way to get around in the Drakensberg. Another excellent way for single travelers to explore the Drakensberg is by using the combination of the Baz Bus and the many backpacker hostels that are scattered around. The Baz Bus is an affordable hop-on, hop-off bus service that connects Johannesburg, Durban and along the way also the Drakensberg Mountains.

Places To stay as a solo traveler in the Drakensberg

Its best to stay at backpackers and hostels if you dont have transport. These are the places that the Baz Bus drops off at and picks up from and Backpackers are ideal to hookup with other travelers. They also offer tours which is great to get you into the Mountains. If you have your own transport well then you have a lot more options. Go for the smaller owner run establishments where you meet more of the local people many who have an interesting story to tell and different way of life. One particular place that stands out for me is Antbear Lodge near to Giants Castle.

Hiking as a solo traveler in the Drakensberg

Be careful. Its not wize to hike in wilderness areas alon. Having said that there are a number of day trails which you can easily hike alone especially if you tell someone before hand about what you are doing so they can get help if you are somehow left stranded after a fall or some other unexpected mishap. Or hire the services of a guide. A great recommendation is Deon Small from Berg Adventures who is both affordable and enjoyable to be around.

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Drakensberg sunrise
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Drakensberg Hiking
Antbear Lodge - Drakensberg accommodation
Drakensberg accommodation
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