Family friendly holidays

The Drakensberg and Natal Midlands from a family friendly perspective

KwaZulu-Natal is a spectacular family friendly destination flanked by warm Indian Ocean and soaring mountain peaks. Nowhere in the world will you find such a fusion of raw natural beauty, modern sophistication, cultural diversity and pulsating energy – all in one breathtaking setting for you and your family to enjoy.

So, where to begin?

Thats an easy answer. The Drakensberg Mountains is really geared for family holidays. Most family holidays look for a holiday destination at one place and often the more affordable options com into play like self catering and camping and caravan resorts.  Maybe you want your family to experience a classic African safari. Maybe hiding out in the snow capped mountains is more your style. The only thing the Drakensberg does not offer is the beach. Whatever your ideal family getaway is, here is our list of top family friendly things to do in the Drakensberg

1. Safari experiences in Nambiti and Zulu Waters private game reserves. Both are geared to hosting children offers some of the best African safari holidays including Big 5.

2. Family Road trips through the Midlands Meander. How about a family road trip through the KwaZulu Natal Midlands? The Midlands Meander is the perfect place “to wander at random” thanks to it’s collection of routes through the rolling hills of KZN. Offering a collection of chochlate dipping, candle making, crafts, shoping and other kids activities, it is the perfect outing for those wanting to have a slow paced family day.

3. Family Bonding in the Drakensberg Mountains. Divided into the Northern, Central and Southern Drakensberg, the mountain range offers a variety of leisure and extreme activities to suit everyone. Take to the mountain for hiking where there are hiking trails to suit the needs of every guest

4. Horse trails are a wonderful opportunity for your children to experience, Dragon Peaks offers trails specifically suited to children and Antbear Lodge offers beginner horse trails where children are lead as an introduction to learning to ride.

5. For those teenagers who are into that adrenaline thing there is abseiling, white water rafting, quad biking and canopy tours.

Family friendly accommodation

Giants Castle Slackpacking Trail - 1 - Experience the Drakensberg IMG 9415 Accommodation Giants Castle Slackpacking Trail - Central Drakensberg, Drakensberg, Giants Castle, Natal Midlands
The only luxury slackpacking trail in the Drakensberg region.

The Nest Hotel - 2 - Experience the Drakensberg Photoshoot 941 Accommodation The Nest Hotel - Central Drakensberg, Chamapagne Valley
The Nest Hotel is a delightful family run country hotel situated in the Champagne Valley in the Central Drakensberg area of KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Since opening our doors in 1933, we have built up a loyal following of guests who return year after year to this special place steeped in history and adventure. Come and stay with us and experience our delicious country style food, spectacular gar

Cathedral Peak Hotel - 3 - Experience the Drakensberg photo21 Accommodation Cathedral Peak Hotel - Cathedral Peak, Drakensberg, Northern Drakensberg
The hidden gem of the Drakensberg

Cavern Resort and Spa - 4 - Experience the Drakensberg standard accommodation 51 Accommodation Cavern Resort and Spa - Northern Drakensberg, Royal Natal
Fondly known as ‘The Resort of Many Happy Returns’, The Cavern is a place where families bond, friendships are formed and memories are made. It is a special, tucked-away romantic getaway for couples, a gentle place to find quiet and solitude, as well as a safe and child-friendly resort with a range of fun activities for families.

Zulu Hut and Inkunzi Cave - 5 - Experience the Drakensberg Slider5a1 Accommodation, Drakensberg Caves Zulu Hut and Inkunzi Cave - Central Drakensberg, Chamapagne Valley, Monks Cowl
The Zulu Hut and Inkunzi Cave is a highly recommended property for self catering in Champagne Valley for tourists visiting the Drakensberg region. Stay in a comfortable cave with complete self catering facilities and easy access to all the the Central Drakensberg offers

Injisuthi Camp - 6 - Experience the Drakensberg stream adjacent to camp1 1 Accommodation, Bushman Paintings, Drakensberg Caves Injisuthi Camp - Central Drakensberg, Injisuthi
Spectacular camp site and simple self catering. Allows for combinations of groups that want to both camp and sleep in a bed. Very good rock art site at battle cave and excellent fly fishing in the Injisuthi River

Giants Castle Camp - 7 - Experience the Drakensberg Giants Castle Interleading1 Accommodation Giants Castle Camp - Central Drakensberg, Giants Castle
Giants Castle camp is positioned on a plateau overlooking the deep valleys running down from the face of the High Drakensberg. Giants Castle provides fantastic views for walkers, ramblers, hikers and enthusiastic mountain climbers. Giants Castle's superb rock art is one of its many unique attractions.

Leopards Lair Lodge - 8 - Experience the Drakensberg IMG 25911 Accommodation Leopards Lair Lodge - Battlefields, Central Drakensberg, Drakensberg, Giants Castle, Natal Midlands
Our cottage has lovingly been revamped and we can’t wait to share it with you! We can also now offer the perfect venue for intimate get togethers, birthday parties, reunions, family functions … AND we can cater!

Fordoun Hotel and Spa - 9 - Experience the Drakensberg fordoun hotel main 21 Accommodation Fordoun Hotel and Spa - Natal Midlands
Discover Fordoun. Escape and indulge in all the Midlands has to offer…

zulu waters - your own private game reserve Shaka Lodge - Central Drakensberg, Giants Castle, Natal Midlands
At Zulu Waters Game Reserve you will find luxurious accommodation along with various activities in the reserve that will surely revitalise you, whether it be a stunning horse back ride amongst the wild life or an adventurous game drive

Tree house accommodation natal midlands Sycamore Avenue Tree Houses - Battlefields, Central Drakensberg, Natal Midlands
Eccentric, Unique and Romantic Tree house accommodation on the KwaZulu Natal Midlands Meander offering dinner bed and breakfast. Enjoy yourself by either soaking in a private Spa-Bath, warming yourself by a cosy fire or indulging in a glass of wine on the patio whilst watching the sunset over the Drakensberg

Qambathi Mountain Lodge - 10 - Experience the Drakensberg 112545621.jpg.1366x768 q85 crop upscale1 Accommodation Qambathi Mountain Lodge - Kamberg, Natal Midlands, Southern Drakensberg
Qanbathi is a boutique lodge nestled in Kamberg Valley Southern Drakensberg, South Africa. The boutique lodge with it’s southern charm & own private game reserve, is within close proximity to the Drakensberg, a 200 kilometer long mountainous wonderland and world heritage site.

Blue Haze Country Lodge - 11 - Experience the Drakensberg standard room 1 Blue Haze Country Lodge - Central Drakensberg, Drakensberg, Giants Castle
spectacular view over wagondrift dam

Antbear Eco Lodge - 12 - Experience the Drakensberg slider mountain view exterior Antbear Eco Lodge - Central Drakensberg, Drakensberg, Giants Castle

Accom. At Treks, Trips & Trails - 13 - Experience the Drakensberg drakensberg bahati tree lodge1 Accommodation Accom. At Treks, Trips & Trails - Central Drakensberg, Chamapagne Valley, Drakensberg, Monks Cowl
Located in the Central Drakensberg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Treks, Trips and Trails are specialists in providing personalised experiences through Southern Africa. With the Drakensberg as our base our heart lies in providing adventurous 4x4 and guided tours off the beaten path.

Antbear Lodge - 14 - Experience the Drakensberg deck in front of cave Antbear Lodge - Central Drakensberg, Giants Castle, Kamberg, Natal Midlands
We are very honored to be able to serve you. We love our work at Antbear Lodge and are proud of what we have achieved together. Some of us have been here from the very first day. We support each other and because we know that together we are stronger. Whats more we would love to meet you and host you at Antbear Lodge soon

Drakensberg family friendly tips

Bond with your kids

Scootours offers hours of fun on downhill scooters. Word of warning this might well become a daily demand.

Something educational and fun

Falcon Ridge Bird of prey demonstrations are a bewilderment for children. Top tip at the end of each show a small owl is fed and they always look for a child to do this. Make sure you have your kids primed and ready to volunteer. They will not be disappointed,

Combining the nature centre with the reptile centre Dragon Rock Reptile Center aims to send people home more aware of their environment. This is a great child friendly activity

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