Drakensberg Birding Checklist

Drakensberg Birding

A treat awaits birding enthusiasts who visit the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands as the skies etch the graceful shapes of vultures floating on the updrafts.

The montane grassland of the Central Drakensberg with its slopes covered in protea trees and pockets of evergreen forests, are inhabited by 300 species of birds, of which 32 are endemic.

You can be assured of adding a few birding gems to your life-list whilst staying in the Drakensberg and Natal Midlands.

Birding enthusiasts can expect to see the following special bird species:
• Bearded Vulture
• Cape Vulture
• Gurney Sugarbird
• African Crowned Eagle
• Forest Canary
• Chorister Robin Chat
• White-Starred Robin
• Bush Blackcap
• Barratt’s Warbler

Bearded Vulture at Lammergeier Hide at Giants Castle
Drakensberg sunrise

Vulture Feeding Site – Unique Birding

There are a number of vulture hides and vulture feeding sites available in the Drakensberg. See the “Bone eaters of the Drakensberg” – the endangered Bearded Vulture.

A 25% reduction in numbers of breeding pairs of the Bearded Vulture has been recorded in the last 25-30 years. There are only about 30 pairs of birds left in Kwazulu-Natal and to experience them up close from one of the vultures hides has got to be a bucket list item on every birders list.

A vulture count is held annually in September at the Vulture feeding site to monitor the number of Bearded Vultures in the area. This is to ensure the long-term survival of this spectacular bird and create international awareness of both the Bearded and Cape vultures.



Drakensberg Birding Checklist

 Acacia Pied Crow
 African (Purple) W oodpecker
 African Barbet
 African Black Heron
 African Black W oodpecker
 African Buzzard
 African Canary
 African Cuckoo BrubruDove
 African Dusky Lapwing
 African FishHoopoe
 African Flycatcher
 African Goshawk
 African Grass Spurfowl
 African Harrier
 African Harrier- Bulbul
 African Kingfisher
 African MarshBittern
 African Olive Stork
 African Palm W oodpecker
 African ParadiseLapwing
 African Pied Mousebird
 African Pygmy Chat
 African Reed Nightjar
 African Sacred Camaroptera
 African Scops Starling
 African Sparrow-lark
 African Stork
 African Swift
 African Swift
 African W agtail
 African W arbler
 African W attled Cisticola
 African W eaver
 Alpine W ryneck
 Amethyst W heatear
 Amur Kingfisher
 Ant-eating Falcon
 Arrow-marked Crow
 Barn W idowbird
 Barratt’s Nightjar
 Bar-throated Crane
 Bearded Martin
 Bearded Prinia
 Black Blackcap
 Black Cisticola
 Black Francolin
 Black Grassbird
 Black Harrier
 Black Thrush
 Black W arbler
 Black W eaver
 Black-backed Swamphen
 Black-bellied Duck
 Black-collared Cuckoo
 Black-crowned Night Bunting
 Black-crowned Robin-chat
 Black-headed Bunting
 Black-headed Spoonbill
 Black-rumped Duck
 Black-shouldered Cisticola
 Blacksmith Cisticola
 Black-throated Eagle
 Black-winged Cisticola
 Black-winged W axbill
 Blue Francolin
 Blue Owl
 Blue-mantled Crested Lark
 Booted Hornbill
 Brimstone Eagle
 Broad-tailed Nightjar
 Bronze Crane
 Brown-backed Buttonquail
 Brown-hooded Chat
 Brown-throated Shoveler
 Buff-spotted Kite
 Buff-streaked Falcon
 Buffy Sugarbird
 Burchell’s Flycatcher
 Bush Darter
 Cape Batis
 Cape Crane
 Cape Cuckoo
 Cape Dove
 Cape Eagle- Starling
 Cape Egret
 Cape Glossy W arbler
 Cape Goose
 Cape Moorhen
 Cape Mousebird
 Cape Pigeon
 Cape Pipit
 Cape Robin-chat
 Cape Rock Sandpiper
 Cape Stilt
 Cape Teal
 Cape Tit
 Cape TurtleHarrier
 Cape W agtail
 Cardinal Puffback
 Chestnut-backed W arbler
 Chestnut-vented Martin
 Chinspot Cuckoo
 Chorister Teal
 Cinnamon-breasted Dove
 Cloud Firefinch
 Common (Kurrichane) Duck
 Common (Steppe ) Eagle
 Common Bishop
 Common Grebe
 Common House Shrike
 Common Kite
 Common Parrot
 Common Rail
 Common Ringed Swallow
 Common Snipe
 Common Sparrow
 Common Swift
 Common Thrush
 Common W arbler
 Coqui Lark
 Corn Francolin
 Croaking Firefinch
 Crowned Cisticola
 Crowned Ibis
 Cuckoo Kingfisher
 Curlew Thrush
 Dark-capped Dove
 Dark-capped Yellow Openbill
 Denham’s Duck
 Desert Fiscal
 Diederik Greenbul
 Drakensberg Swallow
 Drakensberg Tern
 Drakensberg Vulture
 Dusky Canary
 Eastern Long-billed Coot
 Egyptian Babbler
 Eurasian Bustard
 Eurasian Cuckooshrike
 Eurasian Golden Spurfowl
 European Sparrowhawk
 European Tern
 Fairy Lark
 Familiar Falcon
 Fan-tailed Plover
 Fiery-necked Sparrowhawk
 Fiscal Lark
 Forest Eagle
 Forest Egret
 Fork-tailed Heron
 Freckled Sparrowhawk
 Gabar Barbet
 Garden Oriole
 Giant Chat
 Glossy Canary
 Golden-breasted Drongo
 Golden-tailed Quail
 Goliath Bunting
 Great Indigobird
 Great ReedOriole
 Great Spotted Greenshank
 Great W agtail
 Greater Buttonquail
 Greater Double-collared W hite-eye
 Greater Striped W idowbird
 Green Prinia
 Green-backed Eagle
 Grey Bush-Shrike
 Grey Crowned Francolin
 Grey Harrier
 Grey Stint
 Grey-headed Bishop
 Grey-headed Duck
 Grey-winged Longclaw
 Ground Quail-finch
 Groundscraper Sandpiper
 Gurney’s W eaver
 Hadeda Canary
 Half-collared Chat
 Helmeted Bishop
 Horus Raven
 Hottentot Robin-chat
 House W agtail
 Icterine Osprey
 Jackal Eagle
 Jacobin Guineafowl
 Karoo Sandpiper
 Kittlitz’s Swallow
 Klaas’s Gull
 Kurrichane Saw-wing
 Lanner Kingfisher
 Large-billed Cormorant
 Laughing Hawk
 Lazy Flufftail
 Lemon Hawk
 Lesser Buzzard
 Lesser Canary
 Lesser Grey Tit-Babbler
 Lesser Striped W idowbird
 Lesser Swamp Owl
 Levaillant’s Flufftail
 Little Batis
 Little Cuckoo
 Little Cuckooshrike
 Little Jacana
 Little Robin
 Little RushOwl
 Little W arbler
 Little W axbill
 Long-billed Sunbird
 Long-crested Ibis
 Long-tailed Paradise Pipit
 Long-tailed Plover
 Maccoa Hobby
 Malachite Cisticola
 Malachite W hydah
 Marsh Owl
 Marsh Starling
 Marsh Thrush
 Martial Ibis
 Melodious Cormorant
 Mocking CliffFinch
 Montagu’s BokmakierieDove
 Mountain Myna
 Mountain Pipit
 Namaqua Heron
 Natal W arbler
 Olive Duck
 Olive Quelea
 Olive SecretarybirdThrush


 Orange-breasted Penduline-Tit
 Pale Lark
 Pale-crowned Flufftail
 Pallid Boubou
 Peregrine Kingfisher
 Pied Cisticola
 Pied Goshawk
 Pied W arbler
 Pin-tailed Pipit
 Plain-backed Sunbird
 Purple Bush-Shrike
 Red-backed Vulture
 Red-billed Kite
 Red-billed Rockjumper
 Red-billed Swift
 Red-breasted W ood-hoopoe
 Red-capped Coucal
 Red-chested HamerkopBittern
 Red-chested Lapwing
 Red-collared Plover
 Red-eyed Heron
 Red-faced Snipe
 Red-fronted Shelduck
 Red-headed Kingfisher
 Red-headed Swift
 Red-knobbed Flycatcher
 Red-necked W arbler
 Red-throated Quelea
 Red-winged Mannikin
 Red-winged W arbler
 Reed Flycatcher
 Rock Chat
 Rock Heron
 Rock Shrike
 Rufous-breastedW arbler
 Rufous-naped Crake
 Sabota Crake
 Sand Siskin
 Sedge Owl
 Sentinel RockSeedeater
 Shelley’s Martin
 Short-tailed Sunbird
 Sickle-winged Finch
 Sombre Bee-eater
 South African CliffW oodpecker
 South African Tit
 Southern Bald Canary
 Southern Black Lark
 Southern Black Martin
 Southern Double-collared W hydah
 Southern Dove
 Southern Grey-headed W arbler
 Southern Ground- Buzzard
 Southern Masked Pigeon
 Southern Red Cuckoo
 Southern Swallow
 Southern W hite-faced Starling
 Speckled Sparrow
 Speckled Stork
 Spectacled Pipit
 Spike-heeled Crake
 Spotted Eagle- Starling
 Spotted Lark
 Spotted Sandpiper
 Spur-winged Barbet
 Squacco Bustard
 Streaky-headed Tinkerbird
 Striped Lapwing
 Striped Sunbird
 Swainson’s W arbler
 Swee Petronia
 Tawny-flanked Swallow
 Thick-billed Pipit
 Three-banded Swallow
 Verreaux’s Ibis
 Village Pipit
 Violet-backed W axbill
 Wailing Flycatcher
 Wattled W axbill
 Western Barn Starling
 Western Cattle Kestrel
 Western Yellow NeddickySparrow
 Whiskered Roller
 White W eaver
 White-backed Honeybird
 White-bellied W idowbird
 White-breasted Flycatcher
 White-browed Scrub Swift
 White-faced W histlingHoneyguide
 White-necked Swift
 White-rumped Robin
 White-starred Tchagra
 White-throated Teal
 White-throated W oodpecker
 White-winged Pochard
 White-winged RuffThick-knee
 Willow Owl
 Wing-snapping Flycatcher
 W ood Thrush
 Wattled Goose
 Yellow Cuckoo
 Yellow Egret
 Yellow-billed Cisticola
 Yellow-billed Honeyguide
 Yellow-billed Kestrel
 Yellow-billed W eaver
 Yellow-breasted Sunbird
 Yellow-crowned Cuckoo
 Yellow-fronted Egret
 Yellow-throated Stonechat
 Yellow-throated W oodlandOwl
 Zitting Flycatcher
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